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 Post subject: Please Add #4742
PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:23 pm 
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-Production number 4742

-DOB 06/21/1993

-VIN 185360

-Exterior Color and interior color ES ; D6 (grey cloth)

-Options 57Q ; 217

-Dealership Ramsey-Sturman Ford INC
900 Regis Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, 15263

-Your name Pete Fino

-Current mileage 47,203

-Alive? Yes.

- 2 owner

Bought in January 2015 (submitted at home page where it says "submit to registry" via email but to no avail.)
Car just arrived in Arizona. I should be joining her soon. Not a fan of winter....


 Post subject: Re: Please Add #4742
PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:48 pm 
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Brief History....With Pictures.....Oh My

#4742 was purchased in January of 2015 with 44K miles and some change.
Original owner had passed away and left it with his son in FL. in 2003.
He lived on the coast so if anyone reading this has spent anytime,or better yet lived
in/near the Florida coast, you will understand what the salt air can do. Its a powder that gets everywhere.
Spent a week getting rid of it. Looked like Pablo Escobar had a party in my engine bay & didn't invite me!
Luckily, most of it did nothing. Elbow grease removed it.
The car sat for a good 11 to 12 years.
2004 seams to be the last time she was on the road.

Paint, interior, etc is all original. (Ford Paint from that day is horrible. I see people asking about defects they see in cars with 5K original miles. Its called Shrinkage, not scratches).
Yes, the bonnet of my car experiences this. (I have yet to see one that doesn't to some degree)
The bumper cover is faded and so is the rear taillights where its supposed to be dark grey or almost black.
She needed a new radiator and a fuel tank. (kept the originals) The Fuel tank had less then a half a gallon in it but it was like kerosene.
Pump & sending unit shot to hell. :ak47:
Radiator & heater core shot as well.
Replaced radiator and fuel tank.
Replaced sending unit and put a Walbro 250 lph pump in tank.
Replaced heater core. Total PITA for something I'll never use. (kept original)
Replaced door lock actuator on D-side.
Need to replace ash tray hardware. Have it, just have yet to replace it.
Had the PS rack rebuilt, had a very small leak. But the wet spots on the drive way annoyed me to hell.
I also replaced the rotors, pads and put braided lines on all four corners.
She still had the original grey 93' plug wires which amazed me. That should have been changed 25K miles ago. (kept them too)
Cap, rotor and plugs replaced.
Changed fluid in rear-end and gearbox.
That is all I had time to do to her this year. I still put almost 3K miles on her this summer. Good times... :drive:
Car is pretty much original. Anything other then the cats, I have.

Shes setup for an old school Paxton.
She has a Paxton SN92 with a upgraded impeller and a power pipe. (yes, the old ball drive's, NO they don't suck)
I have the original silencer box. Or Air box as I like to call it.
She came with 30 lbs injectors and a tune. NO FMU.....(she also came with the 24Lbs injectors)
373 gears
Hurst shifter.
Off Road JB -H pipe that goes into the original Cobra Mufflers. nvr seen that before. (got to say, for a car with original mufflers she sounds damn good. Removing them cats makes all diff)
Hooker Headers.
MSD 6AL2 BTM I have it set to retard timing to 2 degrees per LBS of Boost.

I have all the paperwork, dealer letter, cert, key cards, manuals, etc.

And that's it. You now know all I know. How does it feel to know nothing?


Nothings on here that was not available 20+ years ago. That means tasteful mods to me. But she will never be for sale either so who cares.


 Post subject: Re: Please Add #4742
PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:38 am 

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added to the registry!

Welcome, and thanks for sharing the history and pics! :beer:

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