To get your Cobra put in the registry, we need the following information:

-Production number (ex. #1970 of 4993)  This should be on your certificate or you can call 1-800-ford-svt and they will be able to tell you with your VIN.

-VIN  we only need the last 6# to keep the space down.  This is strictly voluntary if you are worried about it being in public view.

-Exterior Color and interior color.  We also need to know the type of interior either cloth or leather

-Options The only options available were leather seats, sunroof, rear window defrost, CD player, power driver seat and engine block heater

-The day your car was born.  Date is on your certificate or you can call SVT

-Dealership vehicle was purchased at new and city/state dealership is or was located.  If you do not know what dealership this was, SVT should be able to tell you as well.

-Your name.  If you choose not to give your name, that is fine.  If you want to give your e-mail address so that others can contact you, please specify the e-mail address you want to publish.  This is also strictly voluntary.

-Current mileage.  In order to keep the database as accurate as possible, please e-mail us every 6 months to update the mileage.

-Last but not least, we need to know if your car is still alive.  It may sound odd, but there are many owners of 93 Cobras that have had them stolen or totaled.  This information is critical to see how many 93 Cobras still exist.

you can e-mail your registry info to: