1993 Cobra Paint Markings



   - None found

Hatchback Area

  -Lug Wrench, white mark at end of ridges on neck of wrench

  -Hatchback Latch, bright blue on lower left rivit at 7 o'clock

  -Spare Tire, two small yellow paint circles on sidewall

Front Suspension   

   -Spindles, lavendar stripe by control arm attaching point

  -Springs, green tags

  -Tie Rods red paint on adjusting threads 

  -Steering Rack, black ink stamp "RT" just left of center above centerline

  -Sway Bar. white spray on upswing on driver's side

  -Sway Bar brackets, green stripe on brackets bottom

  -Strut Upper Washer, lavendar over white paint dot

  -Driver's Side Rim, black ink stamp "OCT 842" & Q48 circled on innner hub, black ink stamp "1089210"  on inner spoke F3ZC-1007-BA

  -Passenger Side Rim, black ink stamp"OCT 812" & "1089211" on inner hub F3ZC-1007-AA

Rear Suspension

  -Shocks, lavender stripe on bottom and side near the bottom

  -Lower Control Arm, yellow splash on top by axle connection

  -Upper Control Arm, light blue splash on top by axle connection

  -Springs, yellow tag

  -Sway Bar, dark blue mark by passenger's side control arm

  -Tires, neon green oval stickers on sidewall


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