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Chassis & Body

  -Inside Rear Bumper, 3" diameter neon green sticker

  - Engine Mounts, yellow splash on side

  -Radiator Support Top, yellow ink stamp "2 15" on top just right of center (this will correspond to your build date)

  -Driver Side Strut Tower Top Front, white paint stick scribble


  -Air Box, white "X" on top front

  -Radiator Shroud, white grease pencil "J1" in script on driver side center

  -Spark Plug wire connector, last one on both sides is light blue on top

  -Upper Intake, lavender ink stamp "70" sideways under A in COBRA

  -Lower Intake, light green splat by thermostat housing, smaller lavender splat to the above

  -Valve Cover, lavender ink stamp "772"on driver side to right of center

  -Dipstick Tube, light blue stripe near top

  -Oil Filter, white grease pencil "4" on side, light blue paint splat on side ,white grease pencil stripe across top, black ink dot matrix across top "80121932"

  -Oil Pan, light blue splat on bottom  by trans, lavender splat on sensor

  -Distributor connector,big lavender dot on drivers side

  -Water Pump, light blue dot by the overflow hole

  -Timing Cover, light blue stripe on the lenght of the 3 o'clock bolt hole light blue dab where battery cable hold down connects

  -Harmonic Balancer, light blue dab on surface, lavender dot on surface


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