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Engine (continued)

  -Heads, light blue over lavender dab underneath power steering pump bracket lower bolt, lavender over light blue dab outside exhaust ports and between middle ports, yellow dot by power steering pump upper bolt

  -Block, lavender over white splash by oil pressure sender

  -Muffler, yellow grease pencil "4" on bottom surface

Transmission & Axle

  -Trans Mount, white splash on passenger side hump on top

  -Transmission, light blue splash on back by gear housing

  -Driveshaft, light blue ring between muffler flow tube connections, yellow stripe on connecting ring between driveshaft and axle, yellow circle by the above mark behind yoke

  -Axle, white tape strip with "201A" on it, 1" across, on passenger side tube

  -Pumpkin, bright blue stripe by filler hole, yellow "2-" on driver side top, yellow splash on passenger side bottom, white "X/" on bottom


  -Emergency brake cables, yellow stripe on casings, white stripe by connection to handle

  -Power Brake Booster, white over green dot in center of vacuum connector

  -Master Cylinder sensor connector, green stripe


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